Netherlands apple will be produced in Uttarakhand…..

Champawat, JNN: The rocky land of Uttarakhand is suitable for the production of nutritious fruits. It is not only better to improve the economy of the mountain, it can also be effective in preventing migration. Provided for this, the government makes the right policies and makes proper arrangements to take the product to the market. In the Khetikhan area of ​​Champawat district, the apple of the Netherlands variety is being produced. This experiment of Biaf institution has proved successful due to the expected fruit on 100 trees planted here this season. The institution has now decided to grow plants in nursery and make them available to tenants.

Three years ago, 80 plants of Sun Light and Silent Light and 20 seedlings from CITS Jammu Kashmir were planted and planted in Khetikhan three years ago in collaboration with BIF Development Research Foundation. This time, due to the expected fruits on these trees, there has been a wave of happiness among the tenants. The Biaf Association has now decided to set up nurseries for plants of Goldlane, Redlane, Sunlight, Moon Light. The specialty of this species of apple is that it is only up to six feet tall and 800 to 1200 trees can be planted in a drain.

Dr. Dinesh Raturi, Project Director of BIF said that it is a new technology of vertical harticulture. In the mountainous region, tenants are not able to get proper benefits of their hard work, due to which most of the tenants have given up farming. The traditional apple trees that grow here due to climate change are no longer flourishing. Three years before today, Biaf decided to grow apples of the Netherlands in barren fields and planted 100 saplings for this. He told that the traditional apple trees give fruits in five to six years while the trees of the Netherlands start bearing fruits within three years.

The special thing is that only ten traditional trees can be planted in a drain, while 800 to 1200 saplings of Netherlands species can be planted in the same place. Chilling for trees of this species should also be only 300 hours while for other species it should be 800 to 1200 hours. He said that this time, more than eight quintals of apple was planted in 100 plants in the farm, out of which seven quintals were delivered to the local markets. The demand for this apple was seen in the market quite high. Apples nurseries of the Netherlands are being developed in Banjgaon and Manar villages of Khetikhan. Plants grown in this nursery will be made available to tenants.
It takes 20 kg of fruit in a tree

An apple tree of the Sunlight and Moon Light species of the Netherlands produces up to 20 kg of fruit. They also taste very good. In this season Biaf sold 50 kg of apples in the farm market. Dr. Dinesh Raturi, director of BIF, informed that 200 nurseries will be provided apple seed plants of Needland in the next season from the nursery prepared in Khetikhan. District Park Officer Champawat Satish Sharma said that the climate of Champawat is very suitable for the apple of the Netherlands species. Due to the production, its use in farming has been successful. The BIF organization has been asked to expand it to other areas as well. The department will also fully support the institution in this work.


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