Nepenthe.Shop Review: scam alert! Is this store scam or legit?

Let’s take a look at the review of Nepenthe. Shop to know that is online store- from where you are thinking of purchasing products is a scam or legit store?

Nepenthe.Shop Review!! In this review of you will get to know about the goods and services and the authenticity of

Nepenthe- Introduction

Nepenthe is a web shopping store or site that is offering men’s clothes, women’s attire, accessories, and some other items.

  • Product prices on nepenthe are very low.
  • But our only focus is not to tell you only about the products instead of this our main focus in on the legitimacy of the web store. Domain Database

Domain name-

Domain created on-10 June 2019.

Does this shop contain genuine content and images?

To be on the top of the search engine every genuine website creates different or unique content but has not created unique content for their store even the images are also copied from the other stores you can get the proof of this by searching them on Google.



Connection: is using secure https connection.

Payment mode: Online Billing.

Shipping cost: free for orders over dollar 79.

E-mail Address:

Return Accepted: within 3 days.

Social profile: Instagram and Facebook.

Orders Quantity: maximum quantity.

Contact: Not presented.

Who owns this company?

Why to know about the owner and the company? Before purchasing from please check the about us page to know about the owner and the company. Knowing the name of the owner and also the company is very important because when individuals found their received product damaged or finds the wrong product then they try to contact that store the only method to contact is to send a mail to that is the store for your query or issue but then also they don’t get any response then they go through the website to know about the owner to contact them but they can’t as their identity is hidden on scam store if the individuals try to register to complain against that store they can’t because owner and company name is not available to them. Similarly, you will not able to contact nepenthe. shop due to missing of its owner and company identity.

Advantages of ordering product from

  • This web store is grabbing the attention of the customers by its product images and layout.
  • Affordable prices of products are offered by nepenthe.
  • The structure of this webshop is very well designed.
  • This webshop offers top quality goods and services.
  • These webshops have https security.

Disadvantages of ordering product from

  • There is no individual review on this store.
  • This webshop does not have its return address.
  • Information about the company and owner is not presented in the nepenthe store.
  • Product images &content presented on this webshop are copied.
  • Not reliable social profile presented on
  • This webshop contains an email address but this email does not seem genuine as it is not matching with the domain of this shop.

Final judgment- Is nepenthe. shop a trustworthy shop?

We concluded that is not a trustworthy webshop hence; we don’t recommend this webshop. So, please stay away from this shop and don’t purchase anything from this shop. We have given you all the correct detail about this webshop after doing deep research with is enough to know the trustworthiness of this shop but if then also you have doubt in that case you can cross-check all of them.


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