NCERT course will be implemented in Madrasas of Uttarakhand, Sanskrit will be taught, these hi-tech facilities will be available

In the coming days, children will study Sanskrit along with Arabic in the madrasas run in Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand Waqf Board is going to take this initiative. For this, 117 madrassas under the board will be made modern and NCERT curriculum will be implemented there. It also includes Sanskrit subjects.

There will be dress code in madrassas
Board Chairman Shadab Shams said that its action plan has been finalized. He told that dress code will also be implemented for children in modern madrassas. The fashion designer living in America has expressed her desire to design the dress. The Waqf Board had some time ago decided to modernize the madrassas under the board. Now he is moving in this direction. According to Waqf Board Chairman Shadab Shams, four madrasas are being made modern in the first phase. These include Muslim Colony in Dehradun, Rahmania in Roorkee, Jama Masjid in Ramnagar and Rahmania Madrasa in Khatima.

Madrasas will be hi-tech
Managing administrators have been appointed in these. Along with repairing the buildings of these four madrassas, arrangements are being made for running smart classes there with LED screens, furniture etc. NCERT syllabus is being implemented in these. There will also be a dress code for the children studying there. Shams said that sections for both boys and girls will be started in modern madrassas. During the day, madrassas will run like normal schools. Children will study not only Sanskrit, but also English, science and other subjects. Arabic will be taught in the evening. Similarly, gradually other madrasas under the board will also be made modern. The intention behind this initiative is that children of Muslim community can also become doctors, engineers etc.