The story of megastar Amitabh Bachchan’s college is like a mysterious film.

The battle of occupation of the prestigious Sherwood College in Nainital, which gave Bollywood actors Amitabh Bachchan, including Kabir Bedi, Vivek Mushran, Dilip Tahil, today Bollywood itself has taken an interesting twist on the lines of a mysterious film. In this case, the third party has now claimed its claim on the school.

Until just a week ago, Amandeep Sandhu was unquestionably the principal of Sherwood. The Agra Diocese declared its authority over the former school for a week, announcing that Sandhu was removed two months ago and is now Peter Emmanuel Principal. Despite going to the school twice with the police force, Peter could not even get the job till he entered the school.
Now on Thursday, the Lucknow Diasys declared the claim of Agra Diasis to be fake, saying that neither Sandhu nor Peter are the principals. This is not the property of the institution that removes and appoints the principal.
Officials of the Lucknow Diocese reached Nainital and claimed this through a press conference. Since this interesting turn, not only the students and stakeholders associated with the school, but people from every section of the society are shocked that the ownership and regulatory body of 151 years old, such a big and well-known institution, till date is not well known that it is Who?

Estimated cost of school billions of rupees:
In an expensive city like Nainital, this school, with buildings built on millions of square feet on 45 acres of land, would be estimated to cost billions of rupees. More than that, this school has a reputation, where Dhankuber lines along with well-known Girami families are set up for admission.

Not only selected Bollywood actors, but more than that, the country’s real life hero Field Marshal SHFJ Manekshaw, the country’s first Paramvir Chakra winner Shaheed Major Somnath Sharma, former Army Chief General VN Sharma, NK Kidwai former Governor Bihar, Justice Ravi Dhawan former Chief Hundreds of eminent personalities including Judge High Court Patna, former Foreign Secretary Salman Hyder, Indrajit Khanna Chief Secretary have been given by him.

The fight, which started spontaneously on the property and the post of Principal, has caused a huge damage to its credibility which will now be difficult for any Principal to handle.

..And Peter Emmanuel became Principal of Sherwood:
Amandeep Sandhu and Peter Emmanuel both claim that they are the real principals regarding Sherwood’s post of Principal. On the other hand, the officials of Lucknow Diasys claim that none of them are principals.

However, he does not clarify who he retained as Principal if the organization was already his. However, if Google finds the answer to this question, then Wikipedia has declared Peter Emmanuel as the Principal of Sherwood.

In a site called Sherwood College, Wikipedia has released a list of school principals from the beginning to now, showing Sandhu as Principal from 2004 to 2020, and now Peter Emmanuel as Principal in 2020.

… Everyone here has the right to occupy:
When the prestigious school was established 151 years ago, the founders decided its moto ‘Marriott Quisque Palaman’ ie ‘Let it be one merit his prize’.

In Hindi it means an opportunity for every person to show his / her ability. There are many meanings of prizes in the dictionary which also include a loot i.e. possession and hunting (rights).

Who could have imagined that one day this motto could be used in any other sense and its merit would be shown in this perspective.

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