Mussoorie police arrest 4 tourists for violating Covid-19 rules…

Four tourists who have come to visit Mussoorie from Delhi by Mussoorie police have been arrested for violating the rules of Covid-19 and have filed a case in various houses. Mussoorie Kotwal Devendra Aswal said that during the police check-in, four Delhi-based youths were stopped from their vehicles on their way to Mussoorie in a prohibited condition, where the youth did not stop their vehicles, on which the police took immediate action. Instructions were given to stop the said vehicle at Nako. He said that the police stopped the vehicle near the Mussoorie Gandhi check. The four youths were detained. The four youths were under the influence of alcohol and without masks. According to the rules of Covid-19, neither of these four youths should be quarantined. Neither were they with vehicle papers when they came to Mussoorie, which was seized from the vehicle by the Lake Police. They filed cases in Dehradun court by registering the cases under IPC Section 269 188 and 51 Disaster Management Act and Pandemic Act. being done.
Mussoorie Kotwal Devendra Aswal said that if people coming from outside violate the rules of Covid-19, they will not be spared. He said that a check-checking campaign is being conducted by the police on various checks of Mussoorie, that the people coming from outside are constantly being monitored.


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