Haldwani: Muslim community protesting against civil amendment law, people reaching tricolor in their hands.

Haldwani – In Haldwani, a huge crowd arrived with placards bearing tricolor and slogan in hand to protest against the Civil Amendment Act. People from the Muslim community reached Meera Bazaar in Haldwani and shouted slogans. A heavy force was deployed to control the crowd.
During this time, the police department also conducted a videography of the demonstration. The display was monitored by a drone. Police has also sealed the Taj intersection in view of the protest. Barricades have been installed at every intersection of Haldwani Bazaar. Police forces are stationed at the roadways bus station, railway market and Chhatri Chaira, for a rally being taken against the Citizenship Amendment Act. Police are on alert mode in view of the protest. Police forces are stationed near various mosques as well as important mosques.

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