Demand for multicolor masks is increasing.

Wearing a mask in the coronacle is sensible to get out, but where fashion is combined with security, it becomes somewhat different. Masks that match the dress to attend weddings and other events are well known in the market. Demand for multicolor masks is also increasing. Cartoons for children, colorful for adults and masks with saris, suits, tops for women are on the market. That is, with security, people are using mask as a fashion. The special thing is that religious work is becoming the first choice of masks matching the dress in marriage and other manglic functions.

These days, fashionable masks have been decorated in the market, which can attract people. There are colorful, plain and checked masks for men ranging in price from 50 to 150 rupees. If women take great care of fashion, then masks of floral and bobby prints have been prepared for them. These have various colored masks, which can match any sari, suit, lehenga. These masks with flowers, leaf print, with rubber bands attached are also included. Rs 100 per piece, while the set is up to Rs 750. Women are very fond of them for marriage.

At the same time, cartoon print masks are available for children if they are concerned. Among them, Avenger, Chhota Bheem, Motu-Patlu, Chingam Sir, Barbie Girl, Spiderman, Mikki Mouse are quite liked. These masks cost between 35 and 50 rupees.

All these masks are in cotton and double layers. According to the shopkeepers, there is no harm by wearing these masks of cotton. Then the weather is summer or winter. These masks, seven to nine inches in length, do not have trouble breathing. Even after repeated washing, the print will remain the same.

Snapped Shopkeeper:
Manish (Moni), owner of The Shop at Paltan Bazar Kotwali, told how people used to take masks at the time when Corona started. But now looking at fashion with safety, there is a demand for masks matching with clothes. Rakesh, the shopkeeper of Indira Market, told that now whoever comes to take the mask, he demands the multicolor.

Raymond’s Mask 35 bucks:
Clothing brands are also making masks. Raymond’s cotton mask is available in Doon. Their price is Rs 35 per piece. Businessman Anshuman Gupta told that customers who come to buy clothes, they definitely ask about the mask. Currently there are masks in white color.

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