Due to the Efforts of MP Baluni, the construction of 70 km of new Rail will reduce the distance of passengers by about 50 km and will save 2 hours of their journey.

Anil Baluni, a Rajya Sabha member from Uttarakhand and the national media head of the Bharatiya Janata Party, met Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal to discuss the subject of early construction of the new rail line between Kashipur to Dhampur. The Minister assured that he will soon approve this important subject.

* MP Baluni met Railway Minister Shri Goyal at his office in Rail Bhawan and informed him that the rail route between Garhwal and Kumaon to Kathgodam to Dehradun goes via Rampur Moradabad. Moradabad is a busy junction due to which trains have to stand for several hours outside. The journey will be made easier by the construction of this new route. *

* Mr. Baluni said that with the construction of new rail from Kashipur to Dhampur about 70 km, commuters will have to cover a distance of about 50 km and their travel time will be 2 hours.

* MP Baluni said that during the tenure of the Modi government at the Center, new dimensions of development have been added in Uttarakhand. For the first time after independence, the people of Uttarakhand have aroused confidence that their development is being worried.

* During the meeting, the Railway Minister said that the work of railway projects in Uttarakhand is in the priorities of Hon’ble Prime Minister and progress will also be made on this important subject. Honorable Railway Minister himself invited MP Baluni that once Uttarakhand walks and discusses all these schemes.

* MP Baluni said that the construction of this railway line will reduce the distance traveled between Garhwal Kumaon and the general public will also get relief and the expansion of Kashipur and Dhampur rail junction will also increase local business activities.

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