The corona virus has become more dangerous than before.

Doon doctors are also watching the changes taking place in the corona virus worldwide. Doctors are beginning to keep a tab on future preparations by keeping an eye on the virus. According to doctors, the corona virus has become more dangerous than before, which the department may also have to make additional preparations to deal with.

Doon Hospital was made Covid Hospital for effective treatment of corona. Gradually, the number of patients is decreasing here. However, doctors and support staff are still engaged in treatment with complete care. One wing of the hospital is monitoring the changes taking place around the world in the form of Corona.

In what form is the effect of corona, what type of treatment protocol is being used, it is being monitored daily. Its aim is to provide timely treatment to the newly arrived patients and keep the mortality rate to a minimum.

Principal of Doon Medical College, Dr. Ashutosh Sayana said that conditions are being regularly monitored in the countries where corona is spreading again. The corona virus is changing over time, whose treatment protocols also vary. We are studying the protocols of all countries so that the most in-charge treatment can be given in case of recurrence.

Preparations are also reviewed:
Dehradun. Dr. Ashutosh Sayana said that treatment preparations are also being reviewed regularly. When the Corona was introduced, we had very few ICUs and ventilators. But in the last few months, their number has increased significantly. Again where the corona has spread, its impact and mortality have been recorded more than before.


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