Master Stroke of Cm Trivandra: In the next 10 years, 25000 crores will be invested for Garsain

Garsain – Today’s biggest news from Uttarakhand, Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat made a big announcement regarding Garsain, CM has announced 25 thousand crores for the construction of infrastructure in Garsain region in the next 10 years. It is clear that no CM has ever made a big announcement for the development of the mountain in the history of Uttarakhand. In the time to come from this announcement, the whole map of the summer capital Garsain will be changed with the vision of CM Trivandra.












Today’s announcement made it clear that how serious is the CM Trivendra for the development of Garrison. It is clear from the announcement of CM that in the coming 10 years, the government will do important work in the field of health, education in Garsain from 25000 crores, big education institutes, and hospitals will be brought here so that this focal point of Kumaon and Garhwal division Can be truly made the focal point of Uttarakhand. Apart from this, construction works of roads in Garsain will be speeded up, single-lane roads will be doubled, apart from this, there will be an unprecedented change in health facilities, drinking water and electricity problems of this important mountain area including Garsain will also be eliminated. If the headquarters of all the departments are formed in Garsain, then the development of Garsain will reach its peak. On the occasion of the State Foundation Day itself, the CM made it clear how important Gansain is to him. It is clear from his announcement that to ensure uninterrupted power supply in the non-enclosure zone, large transmission lines will be equipped with high-capacity power substations and transformers.
A lake is already being constructed for drinking water arrangements in the Garsain Capital Region, and a big drinking water pumping scheme connecting Pinder is also embedded in the CM’s announcement of 25000 crores. The government is also going to build a secretariat here, after the assembly. While establishing the administrative headquarters of all departments in Garsain itself, the Chief Minister announced to tell you that in the parade and program organized on the occasion of the State Foundation Day in Garsain today, the Chief Minister today announced Worked to make many big announcements under which international science institute will be built in Dehradun, besides announced to promote local construction style in the state, it will provide employment to local workers of Uttarakhand, whereas women self-help groups of the state will be given CM While giving huge relief, it was clear that priority would be given to these groups on the purchase of up to 5 lakhs, the CM also cleared the construction of many roads in Garsain, in addition to the problems faced by various development authorities of the state. Expressing concern, we clearly said that its relaxation will be done.


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