Master plan for grooming Tehri lake is ready…


Preparations for grooming Tehri Lake, which have been running in papers for a long time, are now going to land on the ground. The lake and 73 adjoining villages will be developed for every area of ​​tourism. The master plan will be prepared and focus on every area including water sports, adventure tourism, rural tourism, wellness tourism, culture and organic farming. For this, the tourism department will get help of Rs 1210 crore from the National Development Bank. The bank gave in-principle consent to financial support.

Spread over an area of ​​44 km, the Tehri Lake can develop a lot in the field of tourism, so much work is still to be done. For more than a decade, the officers of the tourism department have been engaged in the turmoil of preparing the master plan on the files. The master plan has not been finalized. Barring a few water sports activities, not much has happened here. The biggest problem was with financial help.

Now, with the approval of 1210 crore from NDB, now the activities are expected to intensify. The tourism department is preparing a plan for their possibilities in 73 villages adjacent to the lake. So that Tehri lake can be developed as an international tourist destination.


Organic farming
In the coming time, tourists will see cottages amidst organic farming. Where tourists will be able to serve the finished products in these organic farms. Where tourists will not only know the methods of organic farming, but they will be made to feel a different way.

Water sports
In the form of water sports in the lake, tourists will be made aware of the activities taking place from Goa to abroad. Tourists will be introduced to the new technology of boating, scuba driving as well as water sports.

Wellness tourism
Plans will also be made to compete Kerala in the field of wellness tourism. There is a special focus on making the lake a hub for wellness tourism. Here, Kerala will be made an option for tourists through Yoga, Panchakarma, Ayurveda.

Adventure tourism
Not only will the youth be trained through the Rajiv Gandhi Adventure Sports Academy, built in Koti Colony. Rather, tourists will be given an option of adventure tourism.

A master plan is being prepared to develop Tehri Lake as an international tourist destination. Now the time has come when the plan is finalized as well as work on the ground. For this, the National Development Bank has given in-principle consent for financial assistance of 1210 crores. All formalities will be completed with speed. Satpal Maharaj, Minister of Tourism



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