Mahindra Group comes forward regarding investment in Uttarakhand, government is getting positive trends before the Global Summit

Before the Global Investors Summit, positive trends are being seen from the industry regarding investing in Uttarakhand. In this episode, Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Mahindra Group, who signed an investment agreement of Rs 1000 crore with the state government in the Curtain Raiser program of the Investors Conference, shared his opinion regarding this in the internet media. Is.

Highest opportunities in India in service sector
He wrote, Home is where the heart is. India has the largest opportunities in the service sector within the world. The reason is that domestic tourism is at its peak at this time. Global Investors Summit is being organized in Uttarakhand in December. In this investor conference, the state government has set a target of investment of Rs 2.5 lakh crore. Just a few days ago, the state government organized the Curtain Raiser Program of the Investors Conference in New Delhi. In this, many industrial groups have signed agreements for investment in Uttarakhand.

Mahindra Group signs agreement for investment of Rs 1000 crore in Uttarakhand
In the program, Mahindra Group has signed an agreement for investment of one thousand crore rupees in Uttarakhand. Now Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra has shared his opinion regarding this. He posted a picture in the internet media, in which it is written that Mahindra Group will invest one thousand crores in Uttarakhand. Anand Mahindra also wrote that India has the most potential in the field of tourism in the world.

Mahindra Group will build four-five more big resorts in the coming time
Mahindra Group is still operating resorts in Uttarakhand. This company will build four-five more big resorts in the coming time. The company says that this is the biggest investment of the company in any state of the country.