With the canal closed on October 15, Mahakumbh works will once again gain momentum.

The construction of four Ganga Ghats and one bridge in Haridwar has been stuck for a long time due to non-closure of the canal. Fair administration and district administration had written several letters to Uttar Pradesh government and irrigation department for canal closure. Eventually, Union Minister Dr. Ramesh Pakhariyal Nishank intervened for the closure of the canal. Now due to canal closure on October 15, Mahakumbh works will once again gain momentum.

There are now three months left for the Maha Kumbh to be held in Haridwar. Meladhikari Deepak Rawat instructed all the officials to complete all the construction work on time. These included the bridge under construction near the seven Ganges Ghats and the cable bridge on the Haridwar-Dehradun highway, but canal closure was necessary for the construction of the four ghats and the bridge.
In the meeting of District Development Coordination and Monitoring Committee in July last, the matter came up before Union Education Minister Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank. He then held talks with Water Resources Minister Mahendra Yadav of the Uttar Pradesh government. The Minister of Water Resources assured action at the governance level. In addition, Dr. Nishank also sent a letter to the Government of Uttar Pradesh for the closure of the canal.
Executive Engineer of Irrigation Department DK Singh said that the construction work of all the ghats will be completed in 25 days. At the same time, Ajay Sharma, the project manager of Sam India, the executive body of the highway construction, said that the bridge has become a spawn. The remaining three spans will be formed within a month.

Coordination between officials is necessary:
On October last year, the Ganga Ghats under construction were washed away due to lack of coordination among the officials. In fact, the UP Irrigation Department suddenly released water at Gangnahar at night. While the Uttarakhand Irrigation Department did not even get the news about it. After this, the departments of both the states started blaming each other for the loss, but now very little time is left in organizing the Maha Kumbh. In such a situation, it is very important for the officials to keep mutual coordination and update.

Removal of major barrier between highway construction:
The cable bridge near the fair building is called the Bottle Neck of the highway. It seems to have the most jam. If the construction of this bridge is not complete, then the problem of jam remains even after the highway construction. The executive organization Sam India was constantly working to remove the barriers to bridge construction.

The company started construction of the bridge even when the barrage was closed due to the arrival of silt in August. The company then demanded only eight days to build the bridge span, but the Uttar Pradesh government refused to approve the proposal citing irrigation in the fields.

Gangnahar will be closed ten days before Dussehra:
Gangahar will be closed at Haridwar on the midnight of 15 October. This time the Uttar Pradesh government has decided to close Gangahar ten days before Dussehra. Union Education Minister and Haridwar MP Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank wrote a letter to the Uttar Pradesh government for canal closure.

The Uttar Pradesh government has issued orders regarding annual canal closure. Water will be stopped at Gangnahar on 15 October. Water will be released at Gangnahar at midnight on the very next day of Deepawali. Construction of four ghats and one bridge on the highway has been stopped in Haridwar.

Union Minister Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank wrote a letter to the Government of Uttar Pradesh to complete the major construction work up to Mahakumbh. SDO of the Uttar Pradesh Irrigation Department, Vikrant Saini, told that from 15 midnight to 15 November midnight Gangahar will remain closed for maintenance works.

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