Model vending zone is going to be ready before Mahakumbh in Haridwar.

The municipal corporation has issued work order for the vending zone between Chandighat to Laltarau bridge. Shops in 50 vending and track traders will be allotted in the vending zone. On the other hand, a map of the vending zone is also being prepared from Bhagat Singh Chowk and Jatwara bridge from Sector Two barrier.

In the new year, street vendors are going to fulfill their dream of shops. In 2012, an action plan was prepared to create a vending zone in the city. The plan took eight years to climb. At the meeting of the Town Vending Committee in September this year, tenders were floated after consensus was reached to create three model vending zones. Now the municipal corporation has taken the mandate to establish the first model vending zone.

The work of preparing the vending zone is going to start from November 15. The executive body claims that a vending zone will be set up within 45 days of starting the work. Apart from this, tenders have been floated from Sector Two barrier to establish vending zones near Bhagat Singh Chowk and Jatwara bridge. Now a map of the vending zone will be prepared. After the preparation of the map and the list of merchants, the work of establishing both the vending zones will be started.

The best facilities will be available in the vending zone:
Assistant Municipal Commissioner Tanvir Marwah informed that street vendors will get better facilities in the vending zone. This will include facilities like tiles, CCTV cameras, security guards, toilets, dustbins etc. on the shop floor. He informed that the Municipal Corporation will charge merchants Rs 40 per month for these facilities. Smart cards of all merchants will be made. Monthly fee will also be charged through smart card only.

License will be revoked if the shop is sold:
Street vendors will not sell their shops to anyone else. If the vendor does so, his license will be revoked. Separate licenses will be issued to the vendors who have been allotted shops.

The path of traders will be easier with Mudra loan:
The allocation fee has been fixed according to the area of ​​the shop in the vending area. In which the maximum fee has been kept at one lakh 80 thousand rupees. Assistant Municipal Commissioner Tanvir Marwah said that the Vendig Zone scheme has been linked to the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Scheme for the convenience of street vendors. Due to which the trailing tracks will be able to get cheaper loans from the bank.

These areas will be no vending zones:
Haridwar will be the first authorized no vending zone city of the state. Eight no vending zones have also been created in Haridwar along with vending zones. Areas like CCR Tower, Bhimgowda, Devpura Chowk, Aryanagar, Singhdwar, Chandracharya Chowk etc. have been included. These are very crowded areas.

Vending zones to be built here:
Chandighat Chowk Road, Sector Two Barrier Road, Pul Jatwara, Shantikuj Road, Saptarishi Ashram Road, Bharat Mata Mandir Road, Pavan Dham Road, Dudhadhari Chowk Road, Brahmapuri Road, Bhalla Road, Roadi Bellwala Road, Aryanagar Road, Kankhal Bengali Mod Road, Vending zone is to be built on Nirmal Santpura Ashram Road, Sriyantra Mandir Road.

Work has been done to create a vending zone from Chandi Ghat to Laltarau Bridge. The vending zone will be ready by the end of December. At the same time, work orders will be made soon after the map of two other vending zones is prepared.
– Tanveer Singh Marwah, Assistant Municipal Commissioner

The Municipal Corporation has been asked to list the shopkeepers. Work will soon be started to create a vending zone. It will take about 45 days to establish a vending zone.
-Abhay Singh, Managing Director, Kiran Software Solutions

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