Long time in Lok Sabha Elections, increased number of contenders in Uttarakhand Congress; Harish Dhami’s desire to fight from here

There is still a long time for the Lok Sabha elections, but the contenders for various seats in the Congress have started coming forward on their own. MLA from Dharchula Harish Dhami has expressed his desire to contest from Nainital Lok Sabha seat. Harish Dhami is the MLA for the third consecutive time on a Congress ticket from Dharchula seat in Pithoragarh district. His constituency is part of the Almora Lok Sabha constituency. This seat is reserved for Scheduled Castes.
In such a situation, Congress MLA Dhami has now presented a claim for the ticket from Nainital, adjacent to Almora and the second parliamentary seat of Kumaon division. Talking to the media on Monday, Harish Dhami said that he is the MLA for the third consecutive time. Now want to contest the Lok Sabha elections. He said that he has won the Dharchula seat thrice in a row. He also has the right to contest the Lok Sabha elections.
Dhami said that he wanted to go to the Lok Sabha, so that he could raise the difficulties of the hilly region in the Parliament. He said that both the youth and water of the mountain are of no use here. He wants to keep the reasons for this in the Parliament. After coming to the fore of Dhami, the number of contenders for the Lok Sabha elections in the Congress has increased. Right now, a large number of contenders have come forward for the Haridwar Lok Sabha seat itself. Dhami has surprised everyone within the Congress with his claim on the Nainital seat.

Preparation of Congress to hit the target in civic elections:
After getting a bumper victory in the Karnataka assembly elections, the Congress is preparing a strategy for the civic elections in Uttarakhand. From Municipal Corporation, Municipal Council to Nagar Panchayat i.e. three-tier bodies, a target has been set to capture maximum number of seats. The big responsibility of making the Congress successful in these elections will be on the shoulders of the district heads. The victory in Karnataka is working as a lifeline for the Congress.
A new hope has arisen in the party regarding the victory in Uttarakhand. The party has been yearning for victory in the state for a long time. Municipal elections are to be held in the coming October-November this year before the Lok Sabha elections. The party wants to do well in this election, so that it can compete with the high morale in the Lok Sabha elections. Leaders from big to small are being activated at the ward level. The party has expressed confidence in the district heads in the strategy prepared for the civic elections.
District presidents will play a big role in making Congress successful in these elections. The responsibility of activating the leaders and workers of the party from big to small at the ward level in the districts has been put on the shoulders of the district heads. The work of taking regular feedback from the District Heads about the status of the party at the lower level in the bodies has been started. The format has been handed over to all the district heads by the Pradesh Congress Committee.
The details of the persons associated with the party and former office bearers are being collected on this format. Feedback is also being taken from the local leaders on how to improve the performance of the Congress at the ward level. State Congress President Karan Mahara is ensuring the activation of district heads with the help of senior leaders. State President of the Disciplinary Committee and former cabinet minister Navprabhat along with his team is contacting the district heads at the state Congress office Rajiv Bhavan.
State Congress vice-president organization Mathura Dutt Joshi said that the team posted at the state Congress office is having regular dialogue with local workers and party leaders at various levels in the bodies. State Congress President Karan Mahara said that the party is getting public support at all levels. Dissatisfied with the policies of the government and the ruling party, the public is looking forward to the Congress with hopeful eyes. The performance of the party in the municipal elections will testify to this.