Major Lakes of (Kumaon) Uttarakhand

Major Lakes of Kumaon

>> Nainital

  • Nainital is called Tri Rishi Sarovar in Skandpuran, Nainital is also known as Sarovar City and City of Lakes
  • Nainital is surrounded by seven hills, which includes ‘China Peak, Lion’s Blackjack, Irish, Devapat, Hardiri, Snowy View, Alam Saria Kanta’
  • Nainital was discovered in 1841 by C.P. Baron’s
  • Balia River originates from the southeastern part of Nainital.
  • Nainital length is 1430 meters, width is 465 meters and depth is 16-26 meters

>> Bhimtal

  • Bhimtal, located in Nainital district of Uttarakhand, is the biggest taluka of Kumaon
  • The height of Bhimtal is 1674 meters, width is 447 meters and depth is 26 meters

>> Nukuchiyalat

Naukuchiatal is located 26 km from Nainital and 5 km from Bhimtal in Nainital district.

  • Naukuchiatal is the deepest lake / tal of Kumaon.
  • Nauki Chiyatal length is 950 meters, width is 680 meters and depth is 40 meters
  • There is nine corners in the Nukuchiyalal so this is called Nukuchiyal

>> Satatal

  • Satatal is the most beautiful lake in Kumaon, 22 km from Nainital and 4 km from Bhimtal.
  • Here were the first seven lakes, many of which have dried up, among them Nal Damayanti Tal, Garuda or Panna Tal, Purna Tal, Laxman Tal and Ram-Sita Tal are prominent.
  • Here the shape of Nal Damayanti Tal is similar to that of horse hoof and fish are not caught in it.

>> Khurpatal

  • Khurpatal is located at a distance of 12 km from Nainital.
  • Length of Khurpatal is 1633 meters, width is 5000 meters
  • Its shape is like the hoof of animals

>> Jhilmil tal

  • Jhilmil lane is located 5 km from Tanakpur-Brahmadev in Champawat district

>> Drona Sea

  • It is located at a distance of 2 km from Kashipur in Udham Singh Nagar, Tal.

Here, Guru Drona taught archery to his disciples.

>> Girital

  • This palace is in Udhamsingh Nagar district

>> Shyamala Tal

  • Shyamala Tal is located in Champawat district
  • White lotus flowers are available here
  • Vivekananda Ashram is situated on the banks of Shyamala Tal
  • Hammock fair is held here

>> Talag Tal

  • Talag Tal is located 10 km away from Chaukhootiya in Almora district.
  • Five tunnels have been made for the clearance of water in this rhythm, three of which have now closed

>> Sukunda Tal

  • It is located in Bageshwar district

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