Now the Kumbh Mela functions in Dharmanagri will be monitored for 24 hours.

Now the Kumbh Mela functions in Dharmanagri will be monitored for 24 hours. The daily report of the works will be submitted to the magistrate. For this, the monitoring committee has been constituted by the magistrate Deepak Rawat. At the same time, the deadline has been fixed for construction of new ghats and beautification works of old ghats.

Meladhikari Deepak Rawat held a review meeting with officials regarding the Kumbh works. Officials of the Uttarakhand Irrigation Department told the magistrate that about 48 percent of the beautification work of the ghats has been completed. The magistrate directed to complete the beautification works of the ghats by November 2. He said that if the work is not completed on time, then the penalty will be imposed on the working organization.
The magistrate also directed to complete the construction works of the four ghats stuck due to the cancellation by November 10. He also constituted the Monitoring Committee under the leadership of Additional Magistrate Dr. Lalit Narayan Mishra and Harbir Singh to supervise the works. Melakadhikari Deepak Rawat informed that a duty roster has also been prepared for monitoring. The monitoring committee will monitor the ghats 24 hours.

Greenery will be seen where you look
The Rody Belwala Maidan of Haridwar will be rejuvenated before Mahakumbh 2021, but the crunkit is not used for rejuvenation. Only the use of grass will beautify the field. Here devotees will be able to enjoy the Ganges coast and greenery together. Rori Belwala Maidan of Haridwar is soon going to become the largest eco friendly park in the city. The fair administration has finalized the beautification scheme of the park.

Meladhikari Deepak Rawat said that the process of land-scrapping of the Rori Belwala Maidan would be completely eco-friendly. The grass will be seen in the entire field. Various artworks will also be made with the help of grass. Seeing those, devotees will get different enjoyment. The magistrate said that this fair will be the first eco-friendly park of its kind in the area.

Ganga cleaning campaign will be run under the leadership of the magistrate:
Before Mahakumbh 2021, the uninterrupted water of the Ganges mother Ganga will be refined. On Sunday, thousands of hands will rise for cleaning the Ganges under the leadership of Meladhikari Deepak Rawat. The magistrate appealed to social organizations and common people to join the campaign. Public cooperation will also be taken to make Ganga water clean.

The fair administration is going to take this initiative. The magistrate said that to make Ganga clean, a Ganga Cleanliness Campaign will be conducted on Sunday. Institutions will also be taken to recycle pooja material, clothes, idols emanating from the Ganga floor. Ganga cleaning will be carried out with physical distance and adherence to safety rules.

Ramayana and Mahabharata will be seen in wall painting:
A spiritual wall painting will be made on the wall on the Kavad track from the Alaknanda Ghat to the Laltaraun bridge. The Ramayana and Mahabharata episodes will be carved on the walls through paintings. Expression op Intent fired painters have been invited for this. At the same time, the magistrate directed the irrigation department to remove silt near the ghats. He said that Ganga water should reach each ghat in sufficient quantity.

Crowd management before installing light pole:
Crowd management will be planned before placing a light pole in the fair area. So that people do not have to face trouble during work. If the ground management fails, action will be taken against the responsible officials. On the other hand, this time there will be a special facility to take the disabled people to the ghats. Electric motorized wheel chair will be installed at the pier. Along with this, a large number of flood lights will be installed at various intersections in Haridwar. At the same time, better street lighting solar street lights will also be installed in the entire fair area. Colorful lights on bridges, ghats and parks will also become the center of attraction for the devotees.

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