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Please read this article till the end, then you will get a solution today! Does eating make a stone in your kidney! How is a stone tested? This article has been included!

15 home remedies for kidney stones and infections

Before taking kidney home remedies, one must talk to the doctor once, especially for those who already have another disease!

Antibiotics, diuretics, blood pressure, cholesterol, and liver medicines interact with home herbal remedies for the kidneys, so it is best to consult a doctor! How to keep kidney healthy is a big challenge for us today!

Symptoms Of Kidney Stone

Kidney stones to infections have become a common practice today. People think that my kidney once became a stone and we got him out of surgery! It is totally wrong to think that we will never have any more stones!

Kidney tendency is that once he starts making stones then he keeps making it again and again! And we cannot get the surgery done again and again, so you have to take special precautions in eating and drinking!

Kidney Infection Symptoms

Kidney infection is also similar when we eat antibiotic, our problem is completely gone for a few days, but after a few days, the problem comes again, below are some juices which we drink Chances of infection decrease!

1 – Water

Water is the biggest cure to prevent kidney stones. It depends on two things, first, the quality of water and secondly how much water you drink!

The water that a human drinks is mineral water and the percentage of mineral in mineral water depends on the formation of kidney stone. Find out the percentage of calcium, magnesium and phosphate in the water you are drinking!

How much water should a human drink

People’s opinion is slightly different in this, but according to medical science, at least one person should drink at least 2 liters, ie 8 glasses of water per day! If anyone has a kidney stone problem, then he must drink more than 2 liters of water!

By drinking water, the kidneys are cleaned, the stone-making compound is not able to gather there and thereby reduces the complaints of stone formation!

2 – Water of Kurthi – Kulathi – Macrotyloma uniflorum

Kurthi / Kulathi medicine has been popular among humans since ancient times, but today most people use it to remove kidney stones!

It contains chemicals that shorten the stones in the kidney and that small stone comes out of the way of urine.

Method of use – It is soaked in water overnight and its water is drunk three to four times a day which can prove to be very beneficial for the treatment of kidney stones!

3 – Dandelion juice

Such chemicals are found in dandelion which helps in removing unnecessary chemicals from liver to kidney! It also proves to be very helpful in removing kidney stones.

At the Ayurveda shop, powdered dandelion powder is available which can be taken in water or mixed with tea and can be taken two to three times a day!

Tribulus turrestris

The plant and fruit of Tribulus turrestris is found to have a phosphate-reducing chemical in the urine, which reduces the chance of kidney stone formation.

The plant and fruit of Tribulus turrestris can also be eaten directly or can be drunk by making juice of it. Drinking once a day is enough!


In tulsi, there is a compound called acetic acid, which is very helpful in breaking the stones made of uric acid in the kidney.

Using Tulsi leaf daily can be helpful in the treatment of kidney. Basil leaf powder is also available in the market now!

Wheat Juice

The juice of wheat small plant is considered to be a treatment for kidney stones because it contains a lot of anti-oxidant and there are other compounds that increase the amount of urine! Increasing the amount of urine clears the urinary tract due to which the stone does not collect!

To make wheat small plant juice, you must first soak the wheat in water, then it will have to sprout! When the seedling of wheat becomes big, its juice should be made and drink with water!

Urva Ursi –

Urva Ursi is a herb which is full of disinfectant and solvent properties. Cleans the path of the urinary tract and also removes the stones stuck in the urinary tract!

Urva Ursi can be taken in small amounts thrice a day, which is considered to be the best for the treatment of kidney stones. This kind of product is also found in the market!

Lemon juice

Lemon contains citric acid, which prevents the calcium compound from forming in the kidney and also helps to break down the compound made with it!

Studies have shown that if someone drinks lemon juice mixed with water on an empty stomach in the morning, it proves to be more beneficial! Lots of lemon flavored juices are available in the market!

But he is expected to get less benefit from drinking as he has lower percentage of citrate while other flavors are more! Fresh lemon juice is considered much better for treating kidney!

9 – Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar, like lemon, contains citric acid which prevents the calcium compound from forming in the kidney and also helps break down the compound made with it!

Two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with water can be more beneficial than drinking on an empty stomach!

Celery juice or seeds

Wheat has celery juice or seed antioxidants like small seedlings is extremely beneficial for the treatment of kidney stone!

One or two celery stalks can be mixed with water to make celery juice. Should drink a glass every day!

Kidney beans – water

Rajma is rich in magnesium, which is beneficial for kidney stones!

Rajma – Recipe for making water – Remove the peel of the kidney bean and heat it slowly in water, after 5 to 6 hours this water can be used to drink! Can be done once or twice a day!

Olive oil

Olive oil has a more greasy chemical that can cause more slippery in the urinary tract, which can be helpful in getting the trapped stone out!

It is considered better to take olive stomach mixed with olive oil in water in the morning, eating with it is also beneficial in cooking with it!

Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice contains astringent and antioxidant which prevents kidney formation and does not allow urine to be too high with them. Proves to be very helpful in reducing urination.

Pomegranate seed or its juice can be consumed by making more than once a day!

Parsley juice

When there is a stone in one’s kidney, the chance of infection also increases, such chemicals are found in parsley juice, it is able to flush out the toxins and microorganisms present in the kidneys.

Method of making parsley juice – Parsley is heated in water when the water cools down it can be done once a day!

What not to eat – to avoid kidney stones

Dehydrating food and sugar, salt, and alcohol help to form kidney stones! Stones in the kidney are also formed by eating the things found to be oxalate yogic.

If your stone has come out of the way of urination by surgery or yourself, do not throw it away!

In today’s time, a stone test can be done to find out if this stone was made in the kidney by eating and you can remove or reduce it from your diet chart! If you want to avoid kidney stone, do not eat it –

  • One type of fruit
  • potato chips
  • Spinach
  • Almond
  • Okra
  • Tomato seeds
  • Red meat

What to do to not make kidney stones again

Friends, you want to get a kidney test done so that you do not have stones in your kidney again! If the treatment you are taking is keeping stones from them, then keep them or even if the stone comes out through surgery, keep it!

You can find out by eating that stone test that what was eaten was made of this stone! When you pass urine, you can remove the stones from the Mutra using tea strainer!

Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, also known as FTIR analysis (FTIR) or FTIR spectroscopy, tells the test what a kidney stone is made up of.

You can see in the photo that this is a test result of a patient, which shows whether this stone was formed by eating and what should not be eaten! It is mainly seen that stones are formed in the kidney due to compounding of oculozoate and uric acid.

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