Jim Corbett National Park suffered loss of 10.50 crores due to lockdown …….

Jim Corbett National Park in Ramnagar has also been affected by the lockdown. While Corbett has 7 walking zones, the world-famous Jim Corbett National Park runs 7 months of tourism every year, with many departments under lock down. In which Corbett National Park receives a revenue of 10.50 crores. In such a situation, Jim Corbett of Ramnagar is losing revenue of 1.5 crore per month. Due to the lockdown, Corbett administration is suffering this loss due to the closure of the tourist session.
In March, the tourists who had made advance bookings, for April and May, the amount of about 2 crores, which was also booked by the people, will be refunded to all those who have booked the advance, the process is in progress. The booking money will be returned to the people.


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