Tanya Purohit will put Tadka on Anchoring in IPL-2020…

Uttarakhand’s daughter Tanya Purohit has also joined the event to make anchoring in IPL 2020 pompous. She will be seen interviewing players, coaches, spectators etc. during the matches as the top anchor of Star Sports in IPL 20. Tanya’s father, Dr DR Purohit, a native of Quigli village in Agastyamuni block in Rudraprayag district, is a retired English professor of Garhwal University and also a culture expert. Tanya’s husband Deepak Doval is an anchor in business, he is anchored in Rajya Sabha TV. Tanya has completed her journalism studies from Garhwal University, and she has been associated with theater in Srinagar since she was 04 years old. Tanya’s selection has triggered a wave of happiness all over Uttarakhand. A series of congratulations to his family has started on social media. Tanya has worked in many films and serials and has also been the anchor of CPL (Caribbean Premier League) before IPL.
Anchoring will be done from Mumbai

Due to Covid reasons, a large part of the crew of TV promoter company Star Sports will cover the IPL from Mumbai itself. For this, the entire setup has been installed in a hotel. Tanya will also take charge of anchoring from Mumbai itself. Tanya has previously done films like Anushka Sharma’s NH10, Terrorist Attack-Beyond Boundary and Commando. She has done several plays for the Shalinut Natya Sanstha in Srinagar, including the Dramatic version of the Daddy film in Delhi.

We have IPL
Cricket lovers bored in the lockdown were awaiting the start of IPL 20 from Baserby. But when Tanya was selected from the anchoring, the response was most liked in social media that, we have already won the IPL, the IPL was ours. Why not believe it? After all, one of his daughters has been chosen as the head announcer.

Inherited talent from father
Tanya’s father Professor Dr. DR Purohit has been Professor of English Literature at HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar. After retirement he is engaged in a fellowship at the Shimla Institute of Higher Studies. He is also credited with bringing the masked dance Rammana of Joshumath’s Urgam valley to the eyes of UNESCO. Her father and mother Bina Purohit and husband Deepak’s hard work are behind making Tanya reach this stage through theater.

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