Some Basic introduction to Computer

What is Computer

The word computer is derived from the English word ‘Compute’ which means to calculate, that is why is called computer

A computer is actually a combination of hardware and software that we use to accomplish many tasks. Computer hardware mainly consists of CPU, mouse, keyboard, monitor etc.

Characteristics of Computer

In today’s era, computer is an essential machine used in the fields of business, education, medicine, banking etc. Some of the features of computer which make it compatible with all these functions are as follows:

Speed ​​- A computer can perform the largest calculation in a very short time, where it can take a long time for humans to do this calculation. The speed of the computer is measured in Hz.

Accuracy – The second feature of a computer is to work with accuracy, the computer makes no mistake in doing any calculation because it runs on a program made by a human being, so if the computer makes a mistake then it is a mistake to make a computer program. Will be the person of the computer and not the computer.

Automation – Once a computer is instructed for a task, it continues to work automatically without stopping until the task is completed, for example if we command the computer to print 20 pages through the printer If given, the computer will not stop until the entire 20 pages are printed.

Large Storage Capacity – Unlimited information can be stored in a computer through external and internal storage mediums.

Variety – Different types of tasks can be done through computer.

Applications of Computer

In the past, computers were used only for calculations, but today entertainment, education, banking, railway station, airport, medicine, defense, scientific research, communication etc. are used in many fields.


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