Input and Output Device of Computer

Input Device

Devices with the help of which the computer instructs us to do a task are called input devices like mouse, keyboard etc.

Some of the major input devices are given below.

  • Keyboard The keyboard is the most important input device of a computer, it is used to input text and numbers.
  • A normal keyboard mainly consists of 104 keys. The keyboard keys can be divided into five parts.
  1. Alphabet keys – It contains English characters from A to Z.
  2. Numeric Keys – It contains numbers from 0 to 9.
  3. Function keys – It contains function keys from F1 to F12.
  4. Cursor Control keys – These include 4 arrows key, Home, page up, page down, end
  5. Special keys – This includes Caps Lock, Num lock, Shift key, Enter, Space bar, Tab, Escape (esc), Backspace, Delete, Control, Print screen (Prt Scr), Scroll Lock, Pause etc.
  • Mouse Mouse was invented by Douglas Karl Engelbert, which is used to direct a point in a computer.
  • Trackball Trackball can also be used in place of a mouse with a ball over it which can be rotated and directed to a point.
  • Joystick Joy stick is used to play games on computer
  • Scanner It is used to convert a printed text or image on a paper into a digital form.
  • Microphone It is used to record voice
  • Barcode Reader
  • Optical character reader (OCR)
  • Magnetic Ink Character Reader (MICR)
  • Web Camera
  • Optical Mark Reader (OMR)
  • Light Pen
  • Touch Screen

Output Device

The output device is called the device by which we get the result of the work done by the computer like monitor, printer etc.

Following are some of the major output devices

  • Monitor
  • Printer
  • Speaker
  • Plotter
  • Projector


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