In the Covid Care Center in Udham Singh Nagar district, the infected patients raised fierce slogans against the Health Department and the district administration.

Infected patients admitted to the Covid 19 Care Center set up at Pantnagar Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, created a ruckus about the disorder out of the hostel, while the infected patients sat on the dharna. Later, on the assurance of the authorities, the infected patients got up from the protest All the hostels of Pantnagar have been made Covid Care Center by the district administration. More than 100 patients who came to the Corona infected from the transit camp area of ​​Rudrapur were admitted to the Pantnagar Visvesaraya Bhavan yesterday. But angry with the chaos at the care center, people opened a front against the administration. According to the infected patients, there is no provision of food in the Covid Care Center by the administration nor the sick and elderly people are facing a lot of problems in the toilet. Even small children are hungry since morning. Seeing the commotion, top officials of the district also reached the care center. As soon as the matter was pacified, everyone was sent to the hostel.


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