Indore: 21 innocent people including 20-day-old girl in Indore won battle with Corona…….

There is a hopeful news from the worst affected by Corona in Madhya Pradesh. Here, 21 young children including a 20-day-old girl have won the battle against Corona. This girl was the youngest patient of the state. With the love and affection of mothers, these children could beat Corona.

In a private hospital, children’s doctor Rashmi Shad said that a 20-day-old girl, two boys and two 18-month-olds have been discharged after recovering in the last 15 days. The last two reports of children have been negative. The 20-day-old positive girl was admitted on 1 May. He had an infection from a relative. Surprisingly, the girl’s mother stayed with her dearly day and night and was not vulnerable to infection. 18 other children were discharged after recovering from another private hospital. Of these 18 children, six are under six months of age. CMO Praveen Zaida said, these children and mothers have been asked to remain in isolation for 14 days.

81 new cases in Indore, total infected 2016
On Monday, 81 new Corona positive cases were reported in Indore. With this, the total number of infected in the district increased to 2016. A corona patient also died there


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