Indian Army engaged in making Chinyalisaur Airport a major base camp in ongoing dispute with China…

In the midst of the ongoing dispute with China, the Indian Army is continuously working on making Chinyalisaur Airport in Uttarakhand its main base camp. For this, the army has started setting up its telephone center near Krishi Vigyan Kendra, besides deploying sufficient number of soldiers and modern weapons. However, security and military officials have maintained secrecy in this regard.

The Indian Army has increased its strength in all areas bordering China. In the same sequence, military weapons, vehicles and jawans have also been deployed in the last few days at Chinnamisaur Airport near Nelang border.

So that they can be brought to the immediate limit in case of emergency. In the midst of all these preparations, the Army has now started setting up a telephone center near the Krishi Vigyan Kendra to strengthen its communication service.
Line commissioned by laying cable
On the condition of anonymity, departmental officials said that the army has deposited funds in BSNL office Dehradun for availing 45 days telecom service. On which the line has been started by BSNL by laying cable to the Hydropower Corporation rest house.

While setting up telecommunication centers in the Krishi Vigyan Kendra, the work of laying the front lines is being done by the army personnel themselves. He informed that after the commissioning of this center, the army will be able to get information exchange, internet, WiFi etc.


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