Know the Importance of Health, which will change your Life!

I am writing a short article for you to explain the importance of health, I hope that you will definitely benefit after reading it! We have heard in childhood that health is wealth, but have we been late in understanding it?

Most people say that I am very busy with my work, working or studying for 14 hours or 16 hours out of 24 hours! He finds it difficult to get even 1 hour each day for his health!

Ask yourself, what are you earning money for? The answer would be, which is a great thing for yourself and your family! But will you be alive to use the money you are earning? Is your family going to spend your money on your treatment!

Importance of Health:

If you assume that instead of 24 hours in your life, you will give your health 1 hour every day, then your life can be longer and better without illness! If you give that one hour to exercise, balanced eating, treatment and cleanliness! This can be the biggest investment in your life!

If you are not healthy, at first you will not be able to keep yourself happy, your family will also be upset with you! You will get younger and your money will be reduced! People will stop giving you time, then you will think in privacy what mistake we had made in my life, whose punishment I am getting right now! You made the same mistake that did not give your health time!

If you do not give importance to your health, then you can see this day in your life


You must have seen that when a sick man sleeps on the bed, there is no one to see that his children also roam around cutting them off! That helpless person only does anything but just wait!

Young age:

When someone dies due to diseases, then their young children whose education and marriage are not completed, they have to die with regret what will happen to my children!

Waste of money:

When a sick man dies, before that a lot of money has been spent on his treatment which he had somehow earned!

Loss of society and country:

When an infant is born, it is expected not only of the family but also of the country and society! The family, society and the country invests money and hard work on him to make him a better person, but if he dies soon, the loss is for everyone!

If the world’s richest man is not healthy, then his wealth also becomes useless, he does not enjoy his happiness!

Someone says that I am a very poor man. Tell him, I will give you 5 lakh rupees! You give me one full bite of your hand! If that man refuses immediately, then it means that there is wealth of health, there is no poor, just we are poor from the heart!

When you see a cheerful and fit man, then he says, what a good man this is! Just think how that man has achieved happiness in his life.

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