IAS Ramvilas Yadav arrested, CM Dhami ordered strict action

IAS Ram Vilas Yadav was arrested late last night for accumulating assets disproportionate to his income. According to news agency ANI, this action was taken after Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Dhami had given instructions to take strict action against corruption.
Earlier, the accused IAS Ram Vilas Yadav finally appeared before the Vigilance. Vigilance officers interrogated him for about seven hours. During this their documents were verified and more than 100 questions were asked. On some, Yadav remained silent, while on some he tried to confuse the team with things here and there.

According to the information, Vigilance started an open investigation two and a half years ago against IAS Ram Vilas Yadav, who came to Uttarakhand from Uttar Pradesh. During this notice was issued to him for questioning, but he did not appear before the Vigilance. When the Vigilance asked him to inquire in the office itself, he did not respond. A team of about 12 people went to his residence and offices to collect evidence.
On Wednesday, on the instructions of the High Court, IAS Ram Vilas Yadav reached the Vigilance Directorate, Kargi, at around 1 pm. Here ASP Renu Lohani and his team started questioning Yadav. In this, the former and present investigating officers of this case were also involved. A team of about six people questioned him for seven hours. He was asked more than 100 questions. According to official sources in Vigilance, Yadav avoided most of the questions. Couldn’t answer some correctly.

The lawsuit was filed in April:
In April 2022, a case was registered against Yadav for acquiring disproportionate assets. Vigilance had sent its report to the government in September last year. It was estimated that Ram Vilas Yadav has 547 per cent more assets than his known sources of income. After the trial, the Vigilance raided his residences in Lucknow, Ghazipur and Dehradun. Important documents were obtained from here. After this Ram Vilas Yadav reached the High Court, but even there he did not get relief.

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