PM Modi created a boom in Houston, the discussion is happening all over the world

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Howdy Modi program on Sunday night in Houston. During this, he counted the achievements of his government. PM Modi said that India is tight-lipped about the 5 trillion economy. He said that India has shown the impossible possible. He said that we have simplified FDI conditions. During this time, PM Modi also recited a poem. Along with this, PM Modi said that he removed Article 370 which has been issued for 70 years. PM Modi also targeted Pakistan without naming it. He said that President Trump is with him in the fight of terrorism. Modi-Modi’s slogans were raised when Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived at the Howdy Modi program in Houston, USA. Addressing Howdy Modi, PM Modi said that there are special guests with us who do not need any identification. PM Modi further said that the world listens carefully to what President Trump says.

The Howdy Modi program running in the US is eyeing the entire world. More than 50 thousand Indians living in America participated in Howdy Modi. PM Modi and Donald Trump addressed Americans of Indian origin at the event. Along with Trump, many prominent American leaders were also involved in this program. Howdy Modi program is going to be important in relation to America and India. Trump’s presence in Howdy Modi aims to further strengthen US-India relations. The aim is to show US support for the Prime Minister amid tense trade talks between the officials of the two countries and criticism of the government over the Kashmir issue. Explain that the officials of the two countries are trying to finalize a trade deal before meeting PM Modi and Trump in Houston. Trade tensions between the two countries have escalated after Trump complained that India’s tariffs on US products were “no longer acceptable”. When Donald Trump came to Houston, Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed him and introduced him to the stage. Now, the world knows Donald Trump but even then Modi introduced him in his own style. The Prime Minister used to repeatedly make hand gestures, hand to Donald Trump and then look at the crowd.

In the matter of communication with the public, everyone is convinced of Narendra Modi, even the opposition leaders praise that Narendra Modi is a great speaker. This was seen in Houston when the PM directly interacted with more than 50,000 people sitting in the stadium. PM joined people in his own style and the atmosphere became warm. Prime Minister Modi on Sunday targeted Pakistan on terrorism in the presence of US President Donald Trump at the ‘Howdy Modi’ function and said that India has recently removed Article 370 which hindered the development of Jammu and Kashmir. Our decisions are hurting those people, who are unable to sustain their country. Where is 9/11 in America or 26/11 in Mumbai, where are its conspirators found? He knows the whole world. Therefore, the time has come for a decisive fight against terrorism and those who promote terrorism.

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