How to protect your children from depression?

Recently, Mark Andrew Charles, an IIT-Hyderabad student, got suicide due to stress of studies and career.

In this time of competition, nowadays people have stopped focusing on their health in front of each other. Also, due to increasing pressure in work and studies, cases of depression among teenagers and youth are increasing rapidly. The main cause of depression is work, pressure of studies, desire to earn maximum money. Especially, if we talk about the youth, then in India, the victims of depression are getting the most. Recently, Mark Andrew Charles, an IIT-Hyderabad student, got suicide due to stress of studies and career. Today we tell you what depression is, why it is growing and how to overcome it.

What causes depression?

Although it is common to feel depressed for some reason or the other, but when this feeling is becoming longer, then understand that the situation of depression is becoming. Depression is a mental disorder in which a person does not like anything and starts feeling that there is only grief in his life or there is nothing left to live in his life.

Women are at highest risk of depression:

According to the report of the World Health Organization, the risk of women being vulnerable to depression is much higher than that of men. In modern times, women have other responsibilities along with home, family, children and career. Also, women do household work on weekends as well, due to which they do not get rest. One of the main reasons for increasing depression in women is hormonal changes, due to which they are more prone to depression.

Why is depression?

Due to the kind of pressure and depression on the youth today due to jobs and education, many youth are forced to take wrong steps today. Due to increasing work pressure in jobs and not being successful in it, mental illness becomes depression.

Loss due to depression:

An all-time depression causes a lot of damage to the body of a person, in which the first damage is an irritant, quick temper, sleeplessness are common. A person suffering from depression has an increased risk of heart attack.

How to save children from depression?

– Try to avoid negative thinking as much as possible.

– Learn to live in the present, be happy in what is there and do not waste your time thinking about what is not.

– Try to keep yourself happy in free time.

– Get plenty of sleep, but do not sleep excessively. Son on time and wake up on time.

– Spend maximum time with friends and family.

– Take a head massage, gold or steam bath. If the body gets relief from this, the mind will get relief.

– Meditate or do yoga. Yoga is a great way to stay away from depression.

– Even the youngest children should adopt such running games that keep the balance of physical chemistry and keep away from depression and depression.

– People of all ages should spend some time living in nature. Where they could get the sunlight, fresh air and sky together.

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