How much salt should we Eat?

How much salt should we Eat?

According to W. HO, you know how much salt we should eat daily. Are you making yourself sick by eating too much salt?

How much salt should we eat in 24 hours? This question will come to your mind! We Indians are addicted to eating more salt! Usually we eat 10 to 20 grams of salt every day!

Let me tell you that this is too much, if you believe the World Health Organization (W. H. O), then you should not eat more than 5 grams of salt in just 24 hours!

What happens when you eat more than 5 grams of Salt:

Our body wakes up thirsty to balance salt so that we drink more water, as well as increases blood pressure leading to a change of heart attack!

Does the outside food have more Salt

Of course, more salt is used in outdoor food because salt makes food tastier! 5 grams of salt is less than a teaspoon! That is, you can use one kilo of salt for a full 200 days! This suggestion is from the World Health Organization!

Be aware of your health and use salt at least as it can prove fatal for your health!

Benefits of eating salt:

The chemical formula of salt is sodium chloride! Sodium is a very important mineral for our body, which makes our nerve impulses fast! Lack of salt makes a person sluggish! This is the reason why animals are fed more salt and more work is done.

Disadvantages of overeating salt:

Eating more salt causes more thirst, this means that how much work you have to do! Consuming too much salt can cause kidney damage and may also cause blood pressure problems as well!

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