Hoteliers in Uttarakhand demand to start tourism ….

Hotel and restaurant business in Mussoorie is disturbed due to non-movement of commercial tourists, there is a lot of difficulty in operating the establishments under the advisory issued by the government. Recently, the Mussoorie Hotel Association, headed by the Mussoorie MLA, met the Chief Secretary of the state and sought to amend the advisory issued by the government to simplify the tourism business in the state. Mussoorie Hotel Association Secretary Sanjay Aggarwal said that Uttarakhand is based on the tourism business, in which the tourism business has been badly affected due to the Corona period, the government needs to take many steps to bring it back on track. He said that under advisory several advisories have been issued to open hotels and other establishments, but there are a lot of complexities under which they are unable to operate their establishments. He told that tourists coming from outside are being talked about to quarantine the institution for 7 days, for which the tourist is not ready. He said that tourists come to visit Mussoorie for 2 or 3 days, so many questions are being raised about quarantine. He has demanded from the government that tourists should be allowed to come to Uttarakhand by making some rules so that the tourism business of Uttarakhand can be started and the economic condition of the people can be strengthened. He told that at present there is a corona test in which the report of corona comes in a few minutes, in such a situation, taking the money from that test, they should be given a certificate of no corona and allow them to go to the tourist places of the state so that the tourists in the state To increase the movement of people and get work.


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