Home isolation approved in Uttarakhand…

After approval of home isolation in Uttarakhand, guidelines have been issued in this regard. In the state, symptomatic or asymptomatic patients have been given the option of self-isolation in their own homes, based on which its guidelines have now been released.

Home isolation will allow only those patients who are marked symptomatic by physicians.
It would be necessary to have a person to take care of the patient 24 hours
Maintaining contact between the caregiver and the concerned hospital during the entire analysis period is essential for home isolation.
Isolate yourself at the residence of such patient and quarantine facilities are available to the family. A room with a toilet for the patient in the house and an additional toilet room for her care should be mandatory.
If the patient is over 60 years of age or is suffering from another disease, pregnant women below the age of 10 years, such patients whose immunity is weak due to any reason will not be eligible for home isolation.
Isolation will not be allowed in a house where the person is more than 60 years old or suffering from other disease, pregnant women or people suffering from serious illness.
The person living in home isolation has to download the Arogya Setu app.
The patient will have to accept the responsibility of care for his health as well and must inform the district’s surveillance officer.
Home isolation of the patient living in home isolation will be considered after 10 days of Kovid-19 and ending in case of no fever for the last three days, after which the patient will stay at home and take care of his health for the next 7 days. Testing will not be required at the end of home isolation.


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