HIV Negative Means

What is AIDS and what causes it? What are the tests for AIDS? HIV Negative Means must be searching the words on Google and want to know what is HIV Test -Ve and + Ve?

If you read this article till the end then all the confusions will be over!

HIV Negative Means

If someone is exposed to HIV virus, then he must undergo a test! Let me tell you that it takes 4 to 6 months for the AIDS virus to become fully active in our body! The virus can be tested between 2 to 4 weeks after exposure.

HIV test means

There are many HIV tests, some tests have negative-positive results! Whereas there are some tests that show sensitivity! First let me explain what you mean by negative and positive!

Negative HIV test

Negative HIV test means that the test done has not shown the presence of HIV virus or any type of antibody related to it. This means that there is no AIDS!

Positive HIV test

A positive HIV test means that the test done has shown the presence of HIV virus or related antibodies. This means that AIDS can happen!

But the HIV negative-positive test is not sure if the man has AIDS! Now the question in your mind will be how to find out! Is anyone sure of AIDS or not?

What is the window period

Let’s say someone’s test is negative and Hundred Percent is not sure that he does not have AIDS, why?

It takes time for the HIV virus to become fully active in the human body! That time is called the window period in the language of medical science!

Sometimes by taking the Kabar test first, the test is negative! That is why it is said that if anyone has any doubt, he must be repeated after a few months!

Suppose someone came test positive and the hundred percent is not sure that he does not have AIDS, why?

As you know, there are many tests for AIDS, if the results of all the tests are positive, then only you can definitely say that there is AIDS!

How many HIV tests are there?

  • Spot test or antigen test
  • ELISA test
  • Western blotting test
  • CD 4 count
  • Viral load test

What is a spot test or antigen test

Spot test or antigen test is usually the first test to detect HIV. Scanning is done via the P24 Antigen and HIV Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) test.

When the test result is negative – it is repeated after a few months!

When the test results are positive – HIV is tested by the following other tests!

What is ELISA test

Often some people ask what is the full form of ELISA test! The enzyme-linked Immuno Sorbent Assay (ELISA) is the full name of the ELISA test!

ELISA test is done only when P24 antigen and HIV nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT) are positive!

Western blotting test

Often many of us ask via email that Western blotting test is done and for which disease? This test is usually done for AIDS disease. This test is done only when someone’s ELISA test comes positive!

If a person has a positive Western blotting test, it means that the person has HIV infection and has AIDS. This test is called the Confirm Meteor Test of AIDS!

What is a CD 4 count test

The CD-4 count is a blood test performed for AIDS patients! The number of CD-4 cells in a normal healthy person is 500–1500 cells / mm3. If the number of CD4 cells in a person falls below 200 cells / mm3, then that AIDS patient is advised to be hospitalized!

What is a viral load test

This test is also done for AIDS patients! In this test, the blood test determines the number of HIV virus. AIDS is done during the treatment of patients!

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