Unlock-4 has the highest Infected Rate.

Two hundred days have passed since the Corona transition period in Uttarakhand. Unlock-4 has the highest transition speed. From March 15 to August 31, the infected patients were found in 170 days, about one and a half times more patients have been found within just 30 days. At the same time, the number of patients recovering was double.

The first patient of corona infection was found on 15 March in Pradesh. The total number of infected in the state from March 15 to August 31 was 19827. While in Unlocked 4, 29173 coronas have been infected from 1 to 30 September. The number of patients recovering from infection from March 15 pre lockdown to August 31 unlocked 3 was recorded 13608.
In Unlock 4, 25427 patients have been cured in 30 days. During this period, 342 corona patients died. The rate of infection also increased to 9.14 percent as sample testing increased. Which is the highest compared to the previous 170 days.

Anoop Nautiyal, founder of the Social Development for Community Foundation, which is analyzing the Corona figures, says the government and the Department of Health need to devise a new strategy to prevent infection in Unlock-5.
A look at the state of infection in the unlocked state:
 Phase                           Check-up            Infected          Cured                  Deaths               InfectedRate:

Unlock-1                               37291                    1975                    2129                        36                       5.30 percent
Unlock-2                              95947                   4302                   1937                        39                       4.48 percent
Unlock-3                             210691                  12644                 9440                     189                          6.0 percent
Unlock-4                            319166                   29173                25427                    342                         9.14 percent

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