There was a debate about the Hathras incident.

In the midst of the debate over the Hathras scandal, the allegations of the accused are also coming to the fore. Chief accused Sandeep Thakur has written a letter to Superintendent of Police Hathras saying that he has been implicated by the family of the deceased in a false case. In the letter, he has written that his friendship was with the deceased and his family did not like it. Not only this, on the day of September 14, he met the deceased in the field and at that time his brother and mother were also there, but the deceased immediately sent me from there. After this, mother and brother beat him.

Sandeep has written in his letter that there was good friendship between us. He met the deceased and also talked on the phone but, his family did not like this. I met at the farm on the day of the incident too, but he told me to go from there, after this I came home, later I came to know from the village that the deceased’s mother and her brother had beaten her, He died during treatment in India. In his letter, Sandeep has accused the deceased’s mother and brother of lying, as well as pleading for justice, while claiming himself and three others as innocent.


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