Haridwar victory seals the works of Chief Minister Dhami – State Media Incharge Chouhan

The BJP said that the people have completely rejected the Congress in the Haridwar three-tier panchayat elections and are now looking for excuses for the defeat.
Responding to the statement of senior Congress leader and former CM Harish Rawat, the party’s state media in-charge Manveer Singh Chouhan said that Congress has been rejected by the public in two assembly elections in the past. He said that in the Haridwar Panchayat elections, the people have approved the development works under the guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and under the leadership of Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami. It is the effect of development work that the Congress has been badly left behind even in those areas where it had gained in the recent assembly elections. He said that reservation and delimitation in Panchayat elections were also followed completely and full display was also done in this.
Chouhan said that this time the public voted in the name of development, bypassing the propaganda and boycotted any temptation of the opposition.
The factionalism and the scattered Congress is now trying to put the blame of the defeat on the government and the government machinery, but the public knows everything. The reality is that the Congress is unable to digest the defeat and is insulting the mandate of the Panchayats.

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