Following the social distancing at Haridwar Mahakumbh, a total of 55 lakh devotees will be able to bathe daily at 107 ghats.

This number can also be reduced depending on the capacity of traffic and roads. Earlier in Kumbh this number used to be in crores. Here, this time the Kumbh region has also been temporarily reduced to about a third due to the possibility of less crowding.

Most of the preparations for Mahakumbh have been completed. But, it is not yet known whether the crowd in Mahakumbh will be less or more. All this can be decided only on the effect of Kovid in the coming time. According to this, arrangements for force etc. are to be made. Whereas, all traditions have to be fulfilled on the basis of social distancing there.

The government has a total of 63 bathing ghats in Haridwar. Some of these have been prepared in recent times. IG Kumbh Sanjay Gunjyal said that the number of government and private ghats is 107. Bathing on these is to be arranged with social distancing. According to the standards of the Government of India, a distance of 1.8 meters must be between each other. Accordingly, all the ghats have the capacity to bathe about 55 lakh devotees in a day. But, the capacity of roads is much less than these, so it can be reduced at that time.

The area of ​​the ghats is two lakh square meters:
The total area of ​​all the ghats is about 1.97 lakh sqm. The average number of devotees has been estimated based on this area. Most of the crowd takes place on Makar Sankranti and later on the royal baths. How much force is to be deployed in Mahakumbh will also be decided soon.

One-third sectors were reduced, now total 24:
IG told that earlier the Melakshetra in Maha Kumbh was divided into 32 sectors. Preparations were being made to construct 40 sectors for the 2021 Mahakumbh. However, these sectors have been reduced to 24 due to Kovid. Rishikesh and the surrounding area will be reserved in Mahakumbh. These sectors will also be opened if needed.

About 107 ghats have been prepared for bathing in Mahakumbh. According to the standards of the Government of India, 1.8 meters of social distancing is necessary. Therefore, depending on the total area of ​​the Ghats, about 55 lakh devotees can take bath every day. Their number can also be reduced by looking at other abilities.
– Sanjay Gunjyal, IG Kumbh Mela

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