Government will visit 5 states and 2 countries on study tour to 13 outstanding farmers from the state – Minister Dhan Singh Rawat.

Cooperation Minister Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat said that 13 outstanding farmers from 13 districts of the state would be sent on study tour. model has been installed. One model farmer from each district will be selected by forming a committee of Secretary, Co-operative Registrar, Co-operative District Magistrate. The cooperative department will send these excellent farmers to 4 to 5 other states and two countries for cooperative study. Minister Dr. Rawat said that the cooperative department has a very important role to play in increasing the income of the farmers.
Cooperation Minister Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat told that the farmers who have established models in their respective districts will be sent on a study tour, in which the farmers who have done excellent work in the field of dairy, animal husbandry, agriculture, horticulture, after the study visit these All farmers will be sent for farmer seminar, cooperative conference and training to other farmers so that they can also train other farmers associated with the field of dairy animal husbandry, horticulture.
Cooperation Minister Dr Dhan Singh Rawat said that it is the resolve of Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Cooperation Minister Amit Shah that the income of farmers should be doubled.
Secretary Cooperation Department, BVRC Purushottam informed that whatever good work is being done in the fields of agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry garden in the country, 13 farmers of the state will be sent to those four or five states and in two countries, soon the committee will be formed and This process will start.

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