Joshimath: Government engaged in preparing draft of relief package, estimate may be more than two thousand crores

The Dhami government is seriously working to save the disaster-hit Joshimath town of frontier Chamoli district. In this episode, the proposal of relief package to be sent to the Center can be more than two thousand crore rupees.
It will mainly focus on reconstruction of Joshimath, slope stabilization, rehabilitation of disaster affected and livelihood development. These days the government is busy preparing the draft of the relief package. Soon it will be sent to the Centre.

Government needs huge amount of money:
In view of reconstruction of Joshimath, rehabilitation of disaster affected people and other points, the government needs a huge amount.
In view of this, apart from raising financial resources from its own sources, a proposal for a relief package for Joshimath is also to be sent to the Central Government. In view of this decision of the cabinet, the draft of the relief package is being prepared by the government after brainstorming on all the points seriously.
According to sources, maximum expenditure will be incurred on the reconstruction of Joshimath and rehabilitation of the affected. Apart from these two subjects, a considerable amount of money will be needed for the measures to stabilize the slope in the area from Joshimath’s Sunil Ward to Atinala and Alaknanda River. All these subjects are being made a part of the relief package.

Also consider micro pile technology:
To save the disaster-hit area of Joshimath, the slope there has to be stabilized, which is cracking due to landslide. According to sources, micro pile technology is also under consideration to stabilize this slope.
In this, the earth is drilled using a temporary cover to stabilize the soil of the slope. For this, the soil is stabilized by drilling into the rock using concrete, steel and wood and taking protective measures. Apart from this, many other options are also being considered. Protective measures will also be part of the relief package.

Park etc. will be constructed:
After removing the dangerous buildings from the disaster-affected area and taking protective measures, parks or such light structures will be made there, so that there is no load on the land. This is also being included in the relief package. That is, in no case will large constructions take place in this area.

Rehabilitation needs huge amount:
Kotigram, Pipalkoti, HRDI land, village Jakh and Gauchar have been selected for the rehabilitation of the disaster affected people of Joshimath. In such a situation, rehabilitation will require a huge amount of money. Along with this, livelihood arrangements have to be made for the affected. Not only this, pre-fabricated houses are also to be constructed for temporary resettlement.
The proposal for the relief package to be sent to the Central Government is being finalized. The survey is currently underway in Joshimath and the DM of Chamoli has been asked to complete it soon so that all subjects can be included in the relief package.

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