Garhwal University suspended two employees.

Garhwal University suspended two employees for negligence in keeping the appointment related documents and overwriting. The university has also given Prof. An inquiry committee has also been constituted under the chairmanship of Indu Khanduri.

Approximately four months ago, faculty members have been appointed in various departments of Garhwal University. Not being selected for the post of Assistant Professor in History Department, Jaspal Khatri, a candidate, went to the High Court. The said candidate, using the Right to Information Act to present in the court, Assistant Prof. Asked for the documents of the selected candidate on the post.
In the RTI, overwriting was found in a form provided by the Academic and Administration Section of the University. University Registrar Prof. NS Panwar informed that the EWS (Economically Weaker Section) form of the selected candidate was cut and normalized. While the candidates had filled the applications for the benefit of reservation separately.
The section officer and routine clerk (LDC) was suspended on the basis of preliminary inquiry, considering it negligent. He said that the matter is being investigated in detail. It will be seen in the investigation that who did the overwriting in the form? Currently the said employees were suspended because the papers were under their supervision.


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