Ravi Shastri’s difficulties increase as Ganguly comes to the post of BCCI President

Saurabh Ganguly has become the new chairman of BCCI, besides he will take over on October 23. Meanwhile, Ganguly has increased Ravi Shastri’s troubles as soon as he enters BCCI. Taking his entry into the BCCI, he has taken the first decision to sack Ravi Shastri from the selection meeting. Let us tell you that the team is to be selected for the T-20 between India and Bangladesh on October 24, the next day after Ganguly takes over on 23 October. Even though he cannot be a part of the selection meeting, he can talk to the members of the selection committee. Due to this, he has already made a recommendation that Ravi Shastri will not be a part of this meeting.

The story of differences between Indian cricket team coach Shastri and Ganguly is quite prevalent. There were some differences between Anil Kumble and Kohli during a match in 2017, after which Kumble resigned from his coach post. After this, Kohli had demanded a coach position for Shastri, in which Ganguly was not in his favor. But Ganguly had to retreat at that time. It is being told that even today Ganguly is standing in opposition to Shastri. Since his acceptance of the post of president, Ganguly has opened a front against Shastri on several occasions.

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