Gangubai Controversy: Gangubai’s family furious over the movie ‘My Mother was made a social worker to a sex worker’!

After the release of the trailer of Gangubai Kathiadwadi, while the whole country is waiting for its release, there is a family where the release of the trailer has become a time for them. The family members have filed a defamation claim against the film, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and writer Hussain Zaidi.

The film Gangubai Kathiawadi has increased their family’s troubles, the situation is that the family is now frequently changing their residence in Mumbai’s homes so as to avoid the sharp questions of the people.

Gangubai had adopted four children. Today his family has grown into 20 people. The troubles of this family, which have been busy in their life for so many years, increased when the trailer of the film was released. Not only this, he did not even know that any book had been written on his mother. His son, who is constantly becoming the object of mockery among his relatives, has approached the court to save the honor of his mother (Gangubai) and the family.

Gangubai’s family is in shock

Gangubai’s family lawyer Narendra says, since the release of the trailer, the whole family is in shock. The way Gangubai’s image is being portrayed, it is completely wrong and baseless. It is completely vulgar and nude. You are representing a social activist as a prostitute, which family would like it? You have made him a vamp and lady mafia don. Second thing is that the issue of our system here is that if the honor of your house is being auctioned openly, then instead of saving their honor here, you are asking for proof from the son that he is his son, prove it. . Although we have proved it in the court below, but now there is no hearing in our case.

Changing houses to avoid people’s questions

Our fight has started from 2020, when his son comes to know that a book has arrived and a film is being made. When saw the picture of his mother with the promo of the film. Then they came to know that this is the situation. Right now the family has been hiding itself again. Sometimes it is shifting to places like Andheri, sometimes Borivali. Those who are relatives, they are calling him Son of Beach, people who know are asking whether your mother was really prostitute. You used to say that he is a social worker but the film is saying something else. Ever since the ruckus happened, the mental status of the family members is not good. No one is able to live in peace. He was adopted in 1949. We have sent notices to Sanjay Leela Bhansali and writer Hussain Zaidi, however, there has been no response from them.

made my mother a prostitute

Gangubai’s adopted son Baburaoji Shah while talking to says, “My mother has been kept as a prostitute. Now people are talking different things about my mother. I don’t feel well. At the same time, his granddaughter Bharti says, these makers have de-famed my family by getting greedy for their money. It cannot be accepted at all. You did not take the consent of the family, neither did you come to us while writing the book, nor did you take permission from us before making the film.

How every woman who lives in Kamathipura is a prostitute

Bharti further says, my maternal grandmother used to live in Kamathipura. So did every woman living there become prostitute? My maternal grandmother had adopted four children there. who were the children of the prostitute. My mother’s name is Shakuntala Ranjit Kawi, second son’s name is Rajinikanth Raoji Shah, third son’s name is Babu Raoji Shah fourth daughter Sushila Reddy. We are from his family. They have called us Illegal. When our grandmother did the adoption, its laws were not made at that time.

The honor of the family has been blown away

On the one hand, we used to proudly narrate the stories of our grandmothers to the people, on the other hand, after the arrival of the trailer, our respect has been blown away. People started calling and saying that your grandmother is being called a prostitute. My grandmother has worked for the upliftment of the prostitute there throughout her life. What have these people made of my grandmother? People are calling us the children of the prostitute. Me and my family are shying away from appearing in front of the camera.

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