G20 Summit: Rishikesh’s Janaki Setu decorated with colorful lights, a sight to behold; People are imprisoned in mobile

The event of G-20 is going to be memorable for the pilgrimage city in many ways. All the areas of Narendra Nagar, Oni village, Munikireti, Swargashram have been rejuvenated. Laxman Jhula, Ram Jhula and Janaki Setu have already been attractions of this area.
In view of the G-20, Janki Setu and the surrounding area has been decorated with grand lighting. After the completion of the work, on Sunday night the entire area was illuminated with colorful lights.
The railing, path and wires of Janaki Setu are all decorated with colorful lights. Not only this, beautiful lights have also been installed in the Aastha Path and the surrounding area. The street lighting in this area has been made underground.
When the lighting was switched on here on Sunday night after the beautification work was completed, a large number of devotees and tourists were seen capturing this amazing sight in their mobile cameras.

G20 will be under the watchful eye of 44 CCTV cameras:
In view of the tight security arrangements in the G-20 conference, every nook and corner of the Laxman Jhoola police station area will remain under the close watch of CCTV cameras. Continuous monitoring will be done with 44 CCTV cameras. For this, a centralized control room has been set up at Laxman Jhula police station.

The functions of the G-20 will be taken over by the cabinet minister:
Urban Development and Finance Minister Premchand Aggarwal did a surprise inspection of the works being done for the G-20 conference. The minister saw the work being done on the entire route from Jollygrant airport. During this, while appreciating the construction works, patted the officers.
While inspecting the work of horticulture on behalf of MDDA here, the cabinet minister also inspected the ground cover at the airport, colorful plants of different species and evergreen plants for the season as well as the painting made at the airport. Also appreciated the theme based painting of all the thirteen districts of the state. After that, the minister reached the Narendranagar bypass road via Ranipokhari and expressed satisfaction while inspecting all the works.
During this MDDA Vice President Banshidhar Tiwari, Chief Development Officer Jharna Kamthan, Municipal Commissioner Rahul Goyal, Assistant Municipal Commissioner Ramesh Rawat, Garden Officer MDDA AR Joshi, City Magistrate Pratyush Kumar, Executive Officer Municipality Uttam Singh Negi, Executive Engineer of Lonivi Dhirendra Kumar, Deputy Commissioner Municipal Corporation Kusum Chauhan, Bharat Gupta, Vinay Jindal etc were present.

Challenge to save plants from destitute animals:
During the inspection at the airport, the cabinet minister also instructed the MDDA vice-chairman to put nets on both sides of the plants planted on the road dividers. So that these plants can be saved from destitute animals. In this regard, he instructed the officers to work.