MS Dhoni returned after spending a few days in Mussoorie…

Dehradun – Former Team India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni returned today after spending a few days in Mussoorie. Dhoni was here with his wife Sakshi, daughter Jeeva and friends. He stayed in his friend’s kothi in Jabbarkhet, Mussoorie.

He was photographed with the staff there and enjoyed the mountainous masses. But Dhoni’s fans felt disillusioned as he could not meet Dhoni. At the same time, Dhoni enjoyed coffee in a cafe at Mussoorie Malingar Chowk and photographed with the fans. The owner said that he was surprised to see Dhoni suddenly in his cafe and could not bear his happiness.

He said that Dhoni had completely covered his face, leaving him with no recognition. He said that Dhoni is of a very simple nature and he praised Mussoorie a lot. After spending a few days in Mussoorie, Dhoni left for Indigo from Delhi to Jollygrant Airport today at 12.30 pm.

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