Former Chief Minister Harish Rawat said- BJP can repeat the story of political instability

Former Chief Minister and senior Congress leader Harish Rawat expressed apprehension that the BJP may again repeat the story of political instability in the state. Talking to the media on Monday at the state Congress headquarters, former Chief Minister Harish Rawat alleged that the BJP had worked to destabilize the state politically. The public has to understand this.

Now there is a possibility of tightening the siege on Chief Minister Dhami:
The ruling BJP has experimented with Trivendra Singh Rawat, then Tirath Singh Rawat and then Pushkar Singh Dhami in the last six years of its tenure. He has now expressed the apprehension of tightening the cordon on Chief Minister Dhami.
On the target of former Chief Minister and MP Tirath Singh Rawat regarding corruption in the state, he said that the BJP should answer it. The watchmen are shouting thieves and thieves. In such a situation, who can save the common man from corruption?
He said that there is a BJP government for six consecutive years. The corrupt must be found. The ruling party will have to show courage to nab the corrupt inside the house. The story of BJP’s corruption in this period is infinite.

If the guilty continue to escape like this, there will be stigma:
He cautioned saying that in the name of corruption, such an environment has to be avoided, due to which the morale of the state falls. Where corruption has been proved, the government should not hesitate to punish. Regarding the acquittal of the accused in the gang-rape case of a girl from Uttarakhand in Delhi, he said that if the culprits continue to escape like this, there will be stigma.
There are many worrying aspects in the murder of a female employee at Vanantara Resort, which the government is deliberately ignoring. The VIP mentioned by the female employee has not been traced yet.

Make Mahara a vehicle in which everyone can see together:
On being asked about the absence of big leaders including him in the Bharat Jodo Yatra of the Congress in the state, he said that all the people of the party are busy in the work of the party in their own way. Along with this, he said that he will ask the state president Karan Mahara to prepare such a big vehicle, in which all can be seen together.

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