The first Nature Walkway of the country has been built in Kuveshi village in Karnataka state.

Uttarakhand’s first Nature Canopy Walk will be made in the forest of Baniyakund adjacent to Chopta in Uttarakhand. With this, tourists will be able to see the natural beauty from the height of 20 feet from the ground, as well as see the wildlife and birds. The Forest Division will prepare the plan and send it to the government soon.

In addition to promoting eco-tourism, the forest department is now preparing to make the forests eco-friendly with the aim of making tourists and the general public aware of conservation of environment and wildlife. There is a plan to construct Nature Canopy Walk in the forest adjacent to Baniyakund in Tungnath Valley of Ukhimath Block from the Forest Division. Here in the forest area, canopy will be made 20 to 25 feet above the ground on 60 to 70 years old trees of Banj, Burans and other species.

In the first phase, 80 to 100 meters long and two and a half feet wide canopy will be prepared on the trees here, which will be curved and it will be able to walk five to six tourists at a time. In the second phase, 5 to 10 meters long square or triangular canopy will be prepared on three to four trees in some places in the forest area, which will be used as a view point. The responsibility of operation and maintenance of the canopy walk will be given by the Division to the EDC (Eco Development Committee) under the supervision of the range officers.
Country’s first canopy walk made in Karnataka
The first Nature Walkway of the country has been built in Kuveshi village in Karnataka state. It is 30 feet high from the ground and is 240 meters long, which can carry 10 people at a time. Tourists here admire the beauty of the jungle with wildlife, while Germany’s Baberian Forest National Park has the world’s largest nature walkway, which is 1300 meters long and 25 meters above the ground.

The Baniyakund area is marked for the Nature Canopy Walk, where many trees are very tall and old. Tourists can view natural beauty and wildlife through canopies on them.
– Vaibhav Kumar Singh, DFO Rudraprayag Forest Division


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