Unlock-5: This first sight since the pandemic, colorful rafts floated throughout the day in the Ganges.

On the very first day of the weekend, the impact of the holiday was clearly visible after the huge crowd gathered in Tirthanagari. Tirthanagri was buzzing with tourists on Friday. The faces of local traders have blossomed after seeing the crowd. Colorful rafts were seen floating in the Ganges throughout the day. Due to the crowd, there was a lot of jam on the Laxmanjhula motorway. Due to this, local citizens as well as tourists also got into trouble.

This was the first sight since the Coronas period when a throng of tourists thronged the Tirthanagri. Tourists from different provinces reached Tirthanagri on Friday and Saturday and Sunday as weekends. Ramjhula, Laxmanjhula, Munikirati, Tapovan were visited by tourists throughout the day. Laxmanjhula and Ramjhula bridge were also full of tourists.
Small businessman Sunil, Bhagwandas Srivastava, Ramesh, Bablu, Sonu said that now the movement of tourists has started in the pilgrimage. Due to corona, there was silence in the area for the last six months. During this time the business of small traders was stalled, there was also problem in maintaining maintenance. Seeing the footsteps of tourists, now it is expected that soon the livelihood crisis will be overcome.

Laxmanjhula police is not taking lessons from accidents
Laxmanjhula police is not taking lessons from accidents. A Haryana youth, who was bathing on the banned ghat in the area, was submerged a week ago, whose body has been recovered from the Ganges on Friday, but the police administration still does not care.

On Friday, tourists took a dip in the Ganges in the Laxmanjhula-Swargashram area. During this period some tourists appeared to take a dip in the restricted ghats except for the pucca and safe ghats. Despite being overcrowded, the Laxmanjhula police is failing to stop them.

Significantly, 17 tourists have lost their lives during the dip in the Ganges since January this year. Inspector Pramod Uniyal of the police station Laxmanjhula said that Jalpolis are stationed at the ghats, if this is the case then appropriate action will be taken in this regard.


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