Finance Minister Premchand Agrawal took a meeting regarding increasing the revenue in the state, gave instructions to the officials.

Finance Minister Premchand Agrawal took a meeting on Tuesday at the Commissioner’s Tax Office located on Ring Road in relation to increasing the revenue in the state. Finance Minister Premchand Agrawal directed the concerned officers to make concrete and effective action plan and make efforts to increase the revenue on a large scale in the state. The Finance Minister said that the best practices adopted in other states to increase revenue should be adopted in the state according to the circumstances of Uttarakhand. Measures to be taken to increase revenue should be worked out in a time bound manner. He said that wherever traders have doubts regarding the GST related procedures, the traders should be taken into confidence through positive communication by the authorities. Regular GST payers should be honored as an incentive. Departmental officers doing good work in this field should also be encouraged and honored regularly.
Finance Minister Premchand Agrawal suggested to organize a conclave of Himalayan states related to GST and revenue in Uttarakhand in the coming October. In this conclave, similar challenges, problems and solutions related to revenue related to Himalayan states can be discussed.
In the meeting, there was a detailed discussion on the action plan to increase the revenue in the state, he said that for the traders to get the correct information about GST, for this they should hold a meeting with the office bearers of all the trade boards, work towards taking the matter to the lower level in this meeting. . If possible, the dealer should also be called in the meeting. It was also decided to install CCTVs in Dharmakanta falling on the main road so that accurate information about goods vehicles could be obtained. Said that whichever center of GST is getting less revenue from which continuous review should be done. Minister Dr. Agarwal first congratulated the departmental officers for spreading awareness about service charge in the country. Said that those who are still taking service charge and not making it a part of the turnover, they should be identified.
Additional Chief Secretary Anand Vardhan, Secretary Dilip Jawalkar, Sowjanya, Commissioner Tax Iqbal Ahmed and senior officers of Commissioner Tax Department including Commissioner, Special Commissioner, Additional Commissioner were present in the meeting.

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