In the festive season, the trend of giving dry fruits more than sweets has increased.

These are also beneficial for health, but do not be tempted by looking at the attractive packing. Be sure to check the packaging and best before date on the dry fruit box. Pay attention to the colors of dry fruit, if their color has changed, then understand that the dry fruit is spoiled. If figs, apricots or dry plums are hard to eat, then they are bad. If there is any kind of smell in them, do not buy it.

According to District designated officer GC Kandwal, consumers often understand that packets of dry fruits have no expiry date and dry fruits are never spoiled, which is not the case, they have a much longer shelf life, but one They also worsen after a particular time frame.


Check these before purchasing:

Must see the packing date and consumption period.

-Packed by whom, see manufacturer name and address.

-See details of food content.

– Batch number, lot number, weight and price.

-Storage condition, must see maintenance methods.

– Take the goods from the trusted place.

Slowness seen in test result:

Adulteration of other foods including milk is not new in the festive season. But serious steps were not taken to stop it. At the same time, the sampling that takes place is just for rituals. Not only this, it is surprising that even when there was no lab for testing, even then it used to take time to get the report and now it has its own lab in Rudrapur, even then the results are not available. Saying this means open concession to adulterers, even if the health of the people is destroyed. The process of testing for foods is not very complicated either. Neither does it take much time. But the report comes several days after the festival has passed. Because of which the common man does not get the benefit of it.



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