The festivals of Dhanteras and Chhoti Diwali are being celebrated together today.

Trayodashi is starting at 9:30 pm on Thursday night. It is believed that Dhanteras is believed to be from the time of sunrise or Pradosh Kaal i.e. evening worship. In such a situation, Dhanteras will be celebrated today after sunrise.

Method of worship:
For the happiness and desire of the family, in the evening Pradosh period, from five o’clock in the evening till seven o’clock at seven o’clock in the evening, make a lamp lamp in the Taurus ascendant and burn it with chamukhi light and sesame oil. Place the diyas towards the south at the main gate of the house and chant Om Namay Namah: Dharmaraja Aaye Nam: Mantra. This does not cause fear of minor death. Also, by doing this, Goddess Lakshmi is pleased.

Rage in the market regarding Dhanteras in Rishikesh:
Before Deepawali, Dhanteras was a rage in the market. However, people were in a state of confusion regarding the auspicious time of Dhanteras. Even after this, local citizens made a lot of purchases from the market. The market was derailed for a long time due to corona infection and lockdown. In the process of unlocking, the market began to open slowly and with the arrival of festivals, the market is also gaining momentum. These days, with the coming of various festivals along with Deepawali, the market has returned to awe.
The market was beautifully decorated on Thursday for Deepawali. Merchants had been preparing for this for several days. There was a lot of crowd in the market on Thursday. However, according to classical belief, due to the auspicious time of Dhanteras from late evening and effective till Dhanteras Friday, shopping remained slow till the day time. While a large number of people gathered for shopping in the evening.

Citizens took flowers, garlands, decoration items, earthen lamps, candles, skirting, warriors and other appliances related to lighting and twinkling in the market to decorate homes.

Auto market also shines:
The auto market also saw tremendous enthusiasm. The two-wheeler and four-wheeler manufacturers had given stock in advance in view of Dhanteras at their showrooms and shops. On Thursday, crowds were also seen in the showrooms of all the vehicles in Rishikesh. Along with this, there was a large crowd of buyers at the jewelery shop.

Green Deepawali celebrates the message of environmental protection:
Eco-friendly Deepawali was celebrated on the occasion of Deepawali at Pushpa Vadra Saraswati Vidya Mandir Inter College Dhalwala in Rishikesh. During this time, the team of Satyam Yadav, Hariom Nautiyal and Harsh Dhiman were the first in the Rangoli and Deep Decoration Competition. The program organized in the school on Thursday was inaugurated by Harshmani Vyas, Vice President of Bharatamani Kudiyal and Principal Vijay Badoni, Manager of the School Management Committee. Rangoli, lamp decoration and lamp donation competition were also organized on this occasion. In which students prepared Rangoli on the theme of patriotism, environment, corona and culture.

Students of Naman Payal, Tushar Birla and Sachin Purohit and Sahil Ricola, Ashish Negi and Ayush Sakalani jointly finished second while Abhishek Rawat, Mayank Pokhriyal, Sagar Pundir and Aman Singh finished third in the Rangoli and Deep Decoration Competition. Acharya Satish Prasad Raturi, Dinesh Sakalani, Anita Bhatt, Virendra Gaur, Navneesh Sharma, Devraj Bisht, Prabhakar Bhatt, Sunil Kumar Rajput, Jayendra Chamoli, Devishankar Naithani, Naresh Pundir, Bishan Singh Negi etc. were present on the occasion.

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